Our Team

  • Erin Price Emery Erin Price Emery

    Sales Director
    T 604-767-7725   |   E erin@stellaprice.com

    We are delighted to introduce Erin as the new Managing Partner for Stella Price and Associates. Born and raised in British Columbia, and living in the Greater Vancouver Area for over 30 years, Erin has developed firsthand knowledge of the region, establishing a healthy foundation for her thriving career in real estate. Growing up in a highly driven real estate family that knows the dedication necessary to be successful, it is only natural that Erin has chosen to channel her proficient sales, marketing and interpersonal skills towards carving out her own niche within the Lower Mainland Realty industry. Working closely alongside Stella for a few years now, Erin has developed an acute understanding of the real estate process from an insider's perspective. Thanks to Stella's mentoring, Erin knows every aspect of the business, and with extensive experience in both presales and resales transactions, she has become the leader of our Team's Presales and New Development Projects. With Stella's continual support, Erin is in training to become the new face of Stella Price and Associates. Erin's ardent determination, business expertise, and commitment to outstanding customer care make her the ideal businesswoman to carry on Stella's legacy. Together, Stella and Erin Price form a dynamic Mother-Daughter duo, collaborating their energies to practice the Fine Art of Real Estate.

  • Coco Fulu Coco Fulu

    Licensed Executive Assistant
    T 604-415-2908   |   E coco@stellaprice.com

    As an accomplished Licensed Executive Assistant for the Stella Price Team, Coco’s roles are twofold: she performs as a buyer’s agent, caring for our purchasing clients’ needs and showing properties; as well, Coco supports our Team, by coordinating open houses and sales. Born and partially raised in Singapore, Coco relocated to Vancouver at a young age, developing an insider’s knowledge of the Lower Mainland. Before launching her aspiring career in real estate, Coco worked as a flight attendant with the Emirates Airline, bringing her extraordinary experience in the customer service and tourism industry. With fluency in both English and Malay, coupled with international experience in sales and customer care, Coco brings a wealth of transferable interpersonal skills and industry knowledge to recognize and meet the unique needs of our diverse clientele. Coco’s formal education in Business and Administration rounds out her professional portfolio, equipping her with the proficiency to perform many roles. As a self-motivated and energetic professional, Coco is a valued member of Stella Price’s award-winning Team.

  • Michael  Buttery Michael Buttery

    Senior Sales Advisor
    T 604-218-8153   |   E michael@stellaprice.com

    As an accomplished Senior Sales Advisor, Michael brings a wealth of market intelligence, sales expertise and investment knowledge to his real estate practice. With a background in travel and hospitality management, Michael has built relationships with distinguished clients spanning the globe who have taught him the importance of detail.  Michael’s international scope translates well to his culturally diverse real estate practice, Working within Vancouver’s upscale marketplace, Michael strives to help his clients actualize their unique real estate goals, ensuring that each client’s experience meets, if not exceeds, their expectations. With his discerning eye, commitment to exemplary customer care, outstanding work ethic and regional market experience, Michael is a valued member of the Stella Price Team.

  • Monica Lee 이모니카 Monica Lee 이모니카

    Licensed Sales Coordinator
    T 604-415-2908   |   E monica@stellaprice.com

    Monica joins the Stella Price Team as a highly esteemed Licensed Sales Coordinator, responsible for coordinating sales and assisting as a buyer’s agent. Born in Korea and raised in Europe, before making the leap to Canada, Monica has developed fluency in English and Korean, as well as a wealth of international experience that has shaped her intuitive understanding of our clients’ unique interests. Residing in the Vancouver area for the past several years has fostered Monica’s well-tuned knowledge of the Lower Mainland’s dynamic housing market. Monica brings an impressive educational background to her career, graduating with a degree in Business Administration, Counselling Psychology, and a MSC in Kinesiology. With a professional background in Sales and Administration, Monica worked as a Real Estate assistant and Office Administrator to pave the way for her new life path as a Licensed Real Estate Agent. This repertoire of personal, academic and professional experiences has equipped Monica with a fine ability to work as a productive team member and an influential customer care specialist, making her a powerhouse member of the Stella Price Team.

  • Celine  Tse  謝藝怡 Celine Tse 謝藝怡

    Office Administrator
    T 604-415-2908   |   E celine@stellaprice.com

    As Office Administrator for the Stella Price Team, Celine works behind the scenes to assist our Sales Advisors with administrative details, ensuring our fast-paced office operates seamlessly. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Celine relocated to Vancouver in 2010, developing multiple fluencies in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. While in Hong Kong, Celine earned a degree in Finance and Investment, followed by a BA in Economics from UBC. Along with her academic experience in business, Celine has developed a practical set of sales, customer service and accounting skills in the midst previously managing a private business. With a deep-seated interest in real estate, Celine joined the Stella Price Team, gaining powerful exposure to the workings of our industry. With a strong work ethic and a passion for client care, Celine serves as a powerful support system for both our clients and our team, as we work collaboratively to actualize our clients’ real estate goals.